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Pekalongan Regency, Central Java, Indonesia

Cash crops like coffee pose a threat to forests and primate habitats, so choosing the right coffee can help to save wildlife. In Central Java, shade coffee is grown to ensure the preservation of the forest canopies and its inhabitants, including the endangered Javan Gibbon.

Cultivating wildlife-friendly coffee

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The Coffee and Primate Conservation Project (CPCP)  was set up by SwaraOwa with the aim of cultivating shade-grown coffee to conserve gibbon habitats, while ensuring economic benefits to the local villagers in the Pekalongan region. The result is the wildlife-friendly Owa Coffee. CPCP established relationships with farmers and over the years, these farmers have also become spokespersons for conserving forest habitats and protecting the Javan Gibbons. By engaging and collaborating with the local community and ensuring that their needs are not overlooked, the project has succeeded in merging economics and conservation, and continues to grow and expand. 

Mandai Nature supports SwaraOwa through funding of resources for fieldwork and surveys to ascertain primate populations, as well as outreach, education and initiation of the sustainable coffee and honey production projects that the team have spear-headed. It also supported the product development efforts of Owa Coffee by providing industry-level expertise to improve coffee quality and increase yield.

Securing sustainable livelihoods in communities

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Aside from developing the wildlife-friendly Owa coffee, CPCP is also exploring other agro-forest friendly farming such as honey and palm sugar as well as playing an active role in capacity building among budding conservationists.   

CPCP’s efforts have no doubt thrived within the local communities. Over 25 families from more than four villages in Pekalongan region of Central Java are involved in efforts to conserve the Javan Gibbon in the region.  

With continued efforts, the hope is that Javan Gibbon numbers will increase and create more awareness for Indonesia’s unique biodiversity. 


SwaraOwa means “gibbon voice” in Bahasa Indonesia and represents a group of young Indonesians who want to contribute to conserving the endangered Javan Gibbon and its habitats in Central Java. The Coffee and Primate Conservation Project was initiated in 2008 with the aims to create sustainable conservation activities for the Javan gibbon through creating small medium enterprises for local communities nearby the forest of the Javan gibbon habitat. 

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