NOW OPEN: Singapore Conservation Impact Grant


Mandai Nature's flagship local grant programme, the Singapore Conservation Impact Grant is now open for submissions.

The grant will prioritise projects which contribute to a biodiverse, ecologically connected and biophilic Singapore. Proposed project scope can encompass various areas under the umbrella of three key pillars:

  • Biodiverse: Maintaining or enhancing biodiversity, protecting and managing species, ensuring healthy wildlife populations, and the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wildlife
  • Ecological connectivity: Improving habitat quality, enhancing habitat connectivity, and restoring ecological functions of flora and fauna
  • Biophilic: Increasing appreciation for wildlife, reducing undesirable human-wildlife interactions, and improving competency and capacity for wildlife rehabilitation and conservation

Interested applicants should complete the following documents by 27 November 2023 and submit to Dr Andie Ang ([email protected]) with the subject header "Singapore Conservation Impact Grant Application":


Shortlisted applications will be reviewed by an independent panel of evaluators and successful grantees will be notified in January 2024.

For any queries on the Singapore Conservation Impact Grant, please contact Dr Andie Ang ([email protected])